Are you Sure!?!

Are you Sure!?! is not too far from Are you mad!?! The only difference is that the elders are asking you if you are certain of yourself? Meaning are you confident in all areas. That was the inspiration behind this week's episode title. Keep reading to discover more! 
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However, if someone is suffering but uncertain as to WHERE and or what could have caused their pain, then it leaves room for more searching. This was the case in which a potential client asked me on ways they could heal their codependency?
New to the term  I started to do my own research.
I checked  my usual resource center for knowledge to share on my social media platforms. The resources that I came across were all conflicting. It didn't make sense. None of the charts and or pieces of information/data matched.
They were all inconsistent!!
Then on one early morning around 3am, I was up searching through scientific journals to confirm what is this "co-dependency"  diagnosis that so may people speak of today?
At that hour was when this article found me!  Co-Dependency: A Critical Review Melanie Hands and Greg Dear
Check this out for yourself, and listen in to this week's episode. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this subject.
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