Grief Support/World Mental Health Day Recap

The purpose of the Argh U Mad Podcast was to form a community for all who have suffered a loss of a parent(s). The intentions were on processing grief through Mental Health and spirituality.  A loss could vary from the death of either one parent and or both parents. While the loss of a parent is definitely a major change in life and can cause stress in the one that is suffering from the loss. We can't forget that death is a part of life.

This does not include the hundreds of thousands of families that suffered from a loss due to COVID-19. The Argh U Mad brand was created in the fall of 2019, without the knowledge of the pandemic that was silently and slowly taking the lives of thousands. This was before the world eventually shut down entirely on March 16 of 2020. 

Simon, N., M., Saxe, G.,Marmar, C., R. (2020) compared the tragic deaths associated to Covid-19 to that of the killings during the Vietnam war by 4 times (para. 3). While the purpose of the Argh U Mad brand did not intend to console those who have suffered a loss through Covid-19, (as knowledge of the disease was unknown to the public at the time) during the release of the brand. It is safe to confirm that the purpose of the brand was needed and intended to be a source of support for the public, before the public and or the creator of the brand even knew that it would be a need to this magnitude.

Like every good messenger knows, you don't ignore the calling, but you follow the inspiration, as mentioned in the video above. Listen to the podcast to understand the inner makings on the "why?" behind the brand. Bereavement is now understood on a broader scale as of 2022, and Mental Health is not much of a taboo in discussions any more from the start of the brand. Although the quality and or purpose of those seeking Mental Health support is in question to some extent. Are those who seek therapy actually applying the coping skills that they are learning practically in their real lives?

In a previous discussion on the podcast, with Cacique Antonio, in "Psych we call them Psychedelics" episode, Cacique mentions how the Western world doesn't prepare themselves for death. I'm not referring to life insurance policies, while that is also an important aspect to always consider when thinking of the monetary well-being of the ones we are leaving behind, but what about the spiritual component? Cacique mentioned the spiritual walk that one undergoes as they transition. Listen here for yourself and stay tuned for part 2 of our enchanted discussions.

In light of World Mental Health Day, that was acknowledged on October 10, (exactly one week from when this blog will be published) the objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the word and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health, according to the World Health Organization. We at Argh U Mad have created a Free Virtual Grief Support available to the public. Click here to reserve a seat for the next meeting. 

Virtual Service Price List

If you need further support with seeing a licensed Mental Health professional for online therapy and or want to connect with the host of the Argh U Mad podcast virtually by appointment schedule here . Virtual Licensed Mental health professionals available in selected states. 


Be on the lookout for the return of the podcast this coming Daylight Savings, November 6 for Season 6



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