Mother's Day for the MOTHERLESS| Guided Meditation Video Available

It's not easy for most people who have lost their mother to not feel a sense of discomfort at the thought of Mother's Day.

I remember dragging my feet to grab a few flowers for my mom when she was alive. I'd get excited to purchase a gift for her, and she'd just place the trinket and or garment to the side.

I could never quite tell what it was that she actually liked. I later on found out in life that she preferred perfume and jewelry, very typical.

I say that to say, those days are no more.

I no longer have to concern myself with what I'm going to get her, because she is no longer with the living.

My new concern is checking in with how I feel, when this time of year approaches.

For my new followers, I started my podcast in 2019 to form a community for adults that have lost all parents and or consider themselves to be an adult orphan.

No one takes the time to really follow-up on adults after they suffer a loss. Losing the person who carried you into the world is a big deal.

I have an old video created in 2020 where I focus on a guided a meditation for the first time I felt inspired to do so, Watch it here and or listen on most podcast platforms I felt inspired on Mother's Day of 2020.

Today I created a Guided Meditation with a focus on the Motherless child available to patrons only. If you wish to a patreon be sure to click this link here to have access to this guided support that can walk you through being present in your present.

If you feel like you're alone, you really are not. Become part of our community as a Madhatter, everyone is welcome.