Do You See what I See?

Why is it that most cultural groups, specifically those of African decent have a hard time trusting healthcare services, both physical medicine, and mental health services?

According to a study that was mentioned in the Journal of Community Health, written by Khubchandani et al you'll find this article to be interesting in regards to which class, race, and educational background, as per the study recorder who has the greater chances of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. The article was published in the January 2021 edition, but I'll let you as the reader take a look for yourself.

 The results of the study reported that out of the 1,878 participants  completed surveys and questionnaires through social media methods(probably "swipe up" or a pop up advertisement). African Americans, and Hispanics showed greater numbers in COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. 

 "Given the high prevalence of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, evidence-based communication, mass media strategies, and policy measures will have to be implemented across the U.S. to convert vaccines into vaccinations and mass immunization with special attention to the groups identified in this study." (Khubchandani 2021).

(Some results) Out of 1,878 participants, the "groups that were identified" in the study were 34% of African Americans, 24% Hispanics, 29% of rural dwellers and 25% of the northeastern US, respectively, showed greater COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

Now why is that? 

Skepticism of government seems to be a common trend that has dated back for centuries. As a first generation immigrant and a US resident that has completed most of my studies domestically have heard the stories and tales of others who have fled different countries to seek refuge, and protection/asylum from government forces. I'm sure I'm not alone there.

In the study mentioned the US is showing higher COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in African Americans as well as other leading groups. Then perhaps we need to take a revisit on some history lessons from the past. 

We will never forget the ethically abusive Tuskegee study of the 400 Untreated black men.

In most conversations individuals explain their COVID 19 vaccine  hesitancy in most cases by typically referring to the Tuskegee study in addition to other examples of horrifying unethical acts that were inflicted to many groups of people, mainly those of minority groups.

So could reasoning for the vaccine hesitancy be some form of PTSD symptoms that have been passed down through lineage struggles??

Skepticism levels are very high. 

So when I am ranting online and on the air of how this podcast is for the people! I think we should all know which group of people I am referring to. (fist up in the air #clenchedfist)

I don't know about you, but I, like most, do not care for the mass media strategy attempts on the black community. One appalling depiction of such attempts was the BLK  .sponsored promotion ad for the vaccine using  "the culture" .

I loathe when my intelligence is being mocked. I believe its now time for us as a people to begin speaking up and or against such mockery of "the culture". "Shucking and jiving", that's what I saw while watching that video clip.

So yes! I am my brothers keeper. Who else is going to correct your behavior and or guide your train of thinking but your family, and yes I am your family! 

Through the podcast episodes we've discussed acceptance of the LGBTQIA community and its divisions within the group, victims of sexual molestation, and the journeys they've had to overcome along the way, spiritual growth, finding holistic ways to heal the childhood drama, while coping and pushing through the present times. So here we are now. The first of September is when this post will be published and there are current affairs we need to be in tuned with. 

Please do not mistake this for an attempt to put anyone down, and or any organization down for its efforts. I love BLK . I have an account with them myself.

Yes, a sister needs love too! lol. What I don't appreciate is the avenue that this channel, a dating site, a place for the hopeless romantics and those that are there for fast food -like connections meet, lol. Nonetheless its a space where the BLK community visits, to connect. Of course we all hope for connections of good will.

So, is this how agendas are being pushed today??? Ok, I'll relax.

According to a general search the(Tuskegee) Syphilis Study was conducted between 1932 and 1972,  by the United States Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

While doing my research, I switched gears to focus on Human Experimentation. I got the opportunity to listen to a medical ethics professor from the University of Pennsylvania.

This gentleman was able to provide an hour long  history of Human Experimentation in which its focus was on the history of the evolution of human experimentation when it involves National Security. 

According to the speaker, Jonathan D. Moreno, the YouTube link above," they were told in the 90s that secret human experiments were no longer conducted." Then John made it his duty to clarify that the names of human experiments have also changed to "field tests". The naming and technicalities are important for us to be aware of.

I remember being a broke college student participanting ."in a few studies, knowingly for money, because some test pay/paid their volunteers to participate. When money is involved the study may be a bit more invasive.(just an fyi)  If you were greedy like I was, some volunteers offered snacks as an incentive. 

Ever see an ad that's offering a "free" something? I know the expression, "If its free then its for me!"

Ugh, I beg to differ.

Lets normalize the phrase, "If its free with good intentions, then its for me!"

Lets set some boundaries. 

The Drug approval rules have changed overtime. At first, it was a requirement to do human experiments to release a new drug, according to the Human Experimentation clip with speaker John D. Moreno.  However, if proof is provided that a new drug is good for society to improve itself then the drug can be released. Another important note that was mentioned,

"If the government states a vaccine is for national security purposes then FDA approval is Not needed". John D, Moreno, medical ethic professor of the University of Pennsylvania.

Once the FDA approves a drug, written informed consent is no longer required. 


There are laws that are in place to challenge the medical ethics, however each state's law differs. Be sure to watch that Human Experimentation video.

Now don't get me wrong I love science!

Like everything in life, there are checks and balance systems in place. 

We are all responsible for our actions. Unfortunately, you'd be surprised as to what someone would do when you are not looking. 

So ladies and gentleman, lets start looking.

We have to test the integrity of the decisions that are being made on our behalf and our wellbeing.

If not for your sake, then lets make sure we are clearing the pathways for our children and our children's' children's rights.

Aunties and uncles you are also a part of the team, this is not just for parents. This is for our overall well-being as a collective.

Science is great, and although we do live in a dangerous world, and that is because the "Science that is used to benefit people, can also be used to cause harm." Jonathan D. Moreno


Stay tuned on the next blog post where we will discuss the transformation of the mental healthcare services in more depth? Who benefits most, how can we as a people start benefiting in more practical ways?


Until next time!



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