About Us


Established October 20, 2019, Nikole created a platform in which she hosts a podcast entitled "Argh U Mad!?" She describes the title as a "play on words," from a common expression used by her elders in Ghana, West Africa when disciplining or questioning someone's motives. The term "are you mad?" can be translated to "Are you crazy?" a common expression used in English speaking homes. Nikole's controversial logo and title encourages the much-needed discussion of self-awareness and mental health within the home and the community at large. These discussions are typically considered to be taboo.

As a first-generation immigrant from Ghana, Nikole realized at an early age how deep the oppressive forces effect the communities. Nikole's youthful persona allows her audience to understand how deep wounds never really heal unless they are attended to.  

Argh U Mad  LLC offers one-on-one virtual services to the public as a form of crisis prevention, therapy matching services, which consists of pairing the public with licensed Mental Health Professionals of color and an option to patronize the online shop to increase brand awareness.

Through music and scientific research Nikole, owner of Argh U Mad LLC, moves through the community as an advocate for the people!