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Neuro -Science and Health Psych enthusiast with a Bachelors in Psychology obtained from Montclair State University combined with partial completion of the Southern New Hampshire Healthcare Administration Graduate program. In which all courses taken and successfully completed have and are applied to her professional career. The 1st generation immigrant from Ghana, Nikole Nunoo pushes her message that "Knowledge is Life." She uses her personal experiences to encourage people to admit that "Its OK to say I'm not OK." On her podcast entitled "Argh U Mad!?! (found on all podcast listening platforms) Nikole, a Pan-African through ancestry, uses her platform as an activist for the betterment of the Afro American experience in America with a focus and sensitivity for Mental health. Nikole shares with her listeners that you can start to overcome tragedies in life by choosing to put yourself first! Through her primary school foundation at "Prince of Peace International School" located in Accra Ghana. Nikole's thirst for knowledge didn't just end there. When she returned to the U.S. her math scores were substantially ahead of her peers in her local district school. Nikole's then single-mom had to make a decision to remove the bright pretentious student to a setting that would be conducive to her academic trail. Transitioning to the Gifted and Talented Program a nearby district school that was a little outside of their means is where all of life's groundbreaking phenomena occurred for the 1st generation immigrant student! This was the beginning of where all of lifelong friends were formed, and life's experiences occurred.