Do your products have more color options?

Yes! Right now all featured products have been ordered by me personally. Therefore, I've worn every product, washed and dried them myself to ensure quality pieces. There will be more color options, just please bare with me as we expand our selection.

Are you Mad?

I'm actually a really peaceful person. The brand sheds light on how frustrating it can be discussing and or acknowledging mental health in the most communities specifically, those of African decent. We have fun living in our truth as authentically as possible, while being mindful of our flaws, and using them to our advantage.

What are your Consultation Services about?

Our consultation services are for those who have yet to take the first step toward healings. These services are for the folks who have no guidance in regards to looking at the "man in the mirror",i.e,  self-awareness.  We discuss your life, life goals, and what it is that you are looking to achieve in your life, i.e: processing grief, identifying childhood trauma, and or knowing and understanding self.  We also assist with partnering you with a mental health profession if needed. Please be sure to complete the therapy referral questions located on the home page.

Protect my Peace?

It can be frustrating trying to find your purpose when you're accustomed to listening to other people make decisions for your life. Finding your peace are steps we take together in assisting you with listening to your inner guide. You're inner guide is your inner voice also known as you intuition. We discuss meditatio  practices that can aid in centering your energy to hear yourself think, feel, and live in your purpose.